About Us

We have efficient 200 team in 64 district all over the country which make us unique to collect first hand primary data. We ensure quality and time to deliver data.

  • Quality data collection from anywhere of Bangladesh.
  • Expert support on data cleaning approach.
  • long time after project support from the field level

Qualitative data

  • Data that are related to concepts,opinions,values,behaviours of people in social context
  • Transcripts of individual interviews and focus groups, field notes from observation of certain activities , copies of documents , audio/video recordingsā€¦
  • Structured text ( writings ,stories, survey comments, news articles, books etc)
  • Unstructured text ( transcription , intervies, focus groups , conversation)
  • Audio recordings, Video recordings , ( graphics, art , pictures, visuals)
  • Audio recordings
  • Qualitative data collection methods
  • Observation
  • Interview
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Rapid assessment procedure(RAP)
  • Free Listing
  • Pile sort
  • Ranking
  • Life History